About me

Some facts about me:

  1. The first fiction I can remember writing was a spoof James Bond story. I wrote it whilst I was at school, and it starred my school friends. I've still got it.
  2. When I left school I did a law degree at university, then got a job in insurance. Do you want to know more about that? No? I thought not.
  3. The next things I wrote were some comedy sketches for ITV, then some for BBC Radio. I also wrote for a spoof news website for a while.
  4. I've lived in Newport, Birmingham and Bristol, but I now live in Somerset with my wife, two children and two cats.
  5. I like sport, music, comedy, and of course books. I read every day, and I can't imagine a world without books.
  6. I've written two non-fiction books for adults, both about sport (I told you I liked sport!).


Danny Mann Super Fan won the Purple Dragonfly Book Award for sports books in 2022.


My debut novel, Eco Worrier, was a finalist in the 2021 Wishing Shelf Awards (books for 9-12 year olds category).