Eco Worrier

A funny adventure story with contemporary themes, perfect for boys and girls aged 9 to 13.
A story about friends, family, very creepy politicians and saving the planet.
Marty is desperate for friends, having left his behind when he moved into 10 Downing Street with his mum, the Prime Minister. Bored and lonely, his life suddenly becomes a lot more exciting when he sneaks out of a secret passage and meets Jumi, a young eco protester. He agrees to help her in her fight to stop a new airport from destroying an ancient woodland, but will his nosy sister find out what he’s up to, and has he bitten off more than he can chew? He soon finds out that they’re battling against a sinister plot and the creepiest politician in the world, who’s determined to make sure the airport gets built, whatever the cost.
Is Marty really ready to be an eco warrior, or is he just an eco worrier?
Eco Worrier is the perfect read for children who love an adventure story with twists and turns and plenty of laughs along the way.

What readers have been saying about Eco Worrier:

"This book is not only funny and awesome but it also teaches you a ton of interesting things about the planet."

"Kids will eat this story up and their parents will likely enjoy it too."

"A great story."

"Five stars for a book that deserves it!"

"Nicely-paced, imaginative and breezy tale which young teenagers (of all ages...) will enjoy."

"If you care about the environment, this is a book to give to your children."

"I highly recommend it for older kids and young adults."

"This was adorable! And super fun!"

"It is incredibly readable, has big current issues and personal moral issues too in an entertaining and relatable way."

"An enlightening reading experience for young readers."

(Comments taken from reviews on Goodreads and Amazon).

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Premier League Legends: The 10 greatest Premier League players of all time

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A nation holds its breath as Andy Murray has Championship Point at Wimbledon .
Europe's golfers come back from the dead to win the Ryder Cup .
Lewis Hamilton clinches the F1 World Championship on the final corner of the final race.
Bradley Wiggins crosses the line on the Champs Elysees to become the first British Tour de France winner.

Also featuring greats such as :
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